Fellow white people: White Supremacy Hurts You, Too

Some of my relatives I will not name fell for the lie that they were always viewed as the default in this country, conveniently forgetting the discrimination our grandparents endured and the shame they carried afterward—lucky for them, they had the right skin color, though. Lucky for them, their kids got to be considered fully white. And their kids promptly forgot their own history. My relatives who view themselves as “true” Americans have unironically said that “this is America, and people should only speak English”—when their own mothers would not have met this standard. Whiteness is not your heritage—whiteness has taken your heritage, and done worse to nearly every other group of people. Because whiteness is a construct that has always been an eradicating force.

An Interview With David Horton

Among the many pieces of original artwork displayed at the bed and breakfast where I work, one of the most eye-catching is the brightly-colored and highly symbolic painting by David Horton. His work has been favorably reviewed in The International Herald Tribune of Paris, L’Oeil International art magazine of Paris and many other international publications.Continue reading “An Interview With David Horton”

Bobby Jindal’s Unconstitutional “Louisiana Scholarship Program” and How it Poses a Threat to Education in Our State

Ever since Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed one of the largest school voucher bills in the nation’s history, the backlash has been relentless (Herbert 22). Jindal’s “Louisiana Scholarship Program” has sparked a number of lawsuits — including two lawsuits filed by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers — as well as questions of the program’s constitutionalityContinue reading “Bobby Jindal’s Unconstitutional “Louisiana Scholarship Program” and How it Poses a Threat to Education in Our State”