You Killed George Floyd

A Letter to My Conservative Relatives & Acquaintances (I Have No Conservative Friends.) Originally published here on Medium. When I studied writing in grad school, nuance was often discussed. Good writing, I learned, makes scalpels of language. Good writers excise the truth — their sentences precise, stitching meaning from the wounds. A “heavy handed” draftContinue reading “You Killed George Floyd”

Fellow White Allies: Your Guilt is Hurting the Cause

Angela Davis said, “Freedom is a constant struggle.” We don’t remind ourselves of this enough. A lot of posts flying around on social media are reminding you that anti-racism is the goal, not being “not racist.” But what does this mean? And more importantly, what should you DO? What should you be doing RIGHT NOW?Continue reading “Fellow White Allies: Your Guilt is Hurting the Cause”