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The Cosby Shitshow

Posted on November 21, 2014

     Why were Bill Cosby’s accusers silent so long? There’s no shortage of think-pieces addressing this question, but I’m here to offer my own take.   The cost of telling these kinds of stories is higher than you could possibly imagine. If you come forward as a victim of sexual assault, prepare to be bombarded with questions like: Why did you put yourself in that position? Why were you stupid enough to wear that dress/take those pills? Why didn’t you fight him off? Etc. etc. victim-blaming etc.   God forbid you’re a nobody, because then you’re only doing this for your fifteen minutes of fame, or for the money, or for attention. God forbid you’re a public figure, because then your own accomplishments…

The National Civil Rights Museum is a Disgrace

Posted on April 5, 2013

I recently visited the (partially open) National Civil Rights Museum for the first time, and I was horrified.   Before entering the museum, I observed a woman on the corner of Mulberry Street sitting under an umbrella and surrounded by red-lettered signs that read, “Boycott the Civil Rights Museum” and “Stop Glorifying Death and Violence.”   I would soon learn that the woman — Jacqueline Smith — had been protesting in the very same spot for over 22 years. Had there been a crowd of protesters, I’d like to think that I would have stopped to talk to them before entering the museum, but most likely, I would have reacted just as I did: I ignored Smith and wrote her off as crazy. After…

Not another blog!

Posted on November 28, 2012

“Help! Another one of my friends has started a blog!” This is probably what you’re thinking right now, assuming you like / dislike me enough to read the stuff I post on Facebook / Twitter. So I’m here to anticipate and answer a few of your questions upfront. Q: Am I obligated to read this blog? A: Probably not. Unless you are my boyfriend, in which case definitely yes.   Q: Are you sure I’m not obligated? Because I feel like you’re just saying that. A: I am totally flattered that you care about me enough to still be reading right now. And if you are, maybe you’ll like the rest of the stuff I post on this blog, and maybe you should read…