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Bobby Jindal’s Unconstitutional “Louisiana Scholarship Program” and How it Poses a Threat to Education in Our State

Posted on May 7, 2013

Ever since Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed one of the largest school voucher bills in the nation’s history, the backlash has been relentless (Herbert 22). Jindal’s “Louisiana Scholarship Program” has sparked a number of lawsuits — including two lawsuits filed by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers — as well as questions of the program’s constitutionality (Herbert 22).  On November 30, 2012, a Baton Rouge area district judge (Judge Tim Kelley) ruled the funding mechanism for Jindal’s program unconstitutional under Louisiana state law (McGaughy). The state immediately appealed, and the Louisiana Supreme Court heard the appeal on March 19, 2013. Today, the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled that the current method of funding the voucher program is unconstitutional — and I’m not at all surprised.  …

The National Civil Rights Museum is a Disgrace

Posted on April 5, 2013

I recently visited the (partially open) National Civil Rights Museum for the first time, and I was horrified.   Before entering the museum, I observed a woman on the corner of Mulberry Street sitting under an umbrella and surrounded by red-lettered signs that read, “Boycott the Civil Rights Museum” and “Stop Glorifying Death and Violence.”   I would soon learn that the woman — Jacqueline Smith — had been protesting in the very same spot for over 22 years. Had there been a crowd of protesters, I’d like to think that I would have stopped to talk to them before entering the museum, but most likely, I would have reacted just as I did: I ignored Smith and wrote her off as crazy. After…

Life is Not a Problems-Having Contest

Posted on January 24, 2013

Quick! I just told you a story about something bad that once happened to me or a problem I’m having in my life. What do you do? A. Tell me about a similar bad thing that once happened to you B. Tell me how sorry you feel for me C. Tell me things could have been worse D. Tell me how to fix it If your answer is any of the above, then congratulations! You’re doing it all wrong.   Recently, I’ve been talking a lot about my upcoming back surgery, because people are very fond of asking soon-to-be college graduates what their future plans are, and mine involve having my spine fused. When people ask me, “So how are the grad school applications…