Not another blog!

“Help! Another one of my friends has started a blog!”

This is probably what you’re thinking right now, assuming you like / dislike me enough to read the stuff I post on Facebook / Twitter. So I’m here to anticipate and answer a few of your questions upfront.

Q: Am I obligated to read this blog?

A: Probably not. Unless you are my boyfriend, in which case definitely yes.


Q: Are you sure I’m not obligated? Because I feel like you’re just saying that.

A: I am totally flattered that you care about me enough to still be reading right now. And if you are, maybe you’ll like the rest of the stuff I post on this blog, and maybe you should read it. But you’re not obligated to, I swear!


Q: I think I might enjoy reading your blog, but if I encounter any more narcissistic, self-promoting B.S. on the Internet today, I think my head will literally explode. 

A: Don’t worry — this blog isn’t going to be a diary of my life. I enjoy writing about current events, feminist issues, entertainment, education reform, interesting people I meet, and other things I feel strongly about.


Q: Why are you starting a blog if you seem to hate blogs so much?

A: I’m a college journalist in-between writing jobs, and I want to keep writing because I love it.

Because of my upcoming surgery in June, I’ll be bedridden and stuck at home (aka, probably not capable of meeting actual deadlines for an actual writing job). So I started this blog as a way to keep writing about stuff.


Q: Will you post cat pictures/pictures of your food/memes? Will you promote my blog/help me edit my English paper that’s due tomorrow? 

A: No.

Published by Elizabeth Clausen

writer/person. I delight in terrible puns.

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